Welcome to Sober Journeys


I'm known as @HappySoberDrinker on Instagram, and I'm on a mission to tell the world that alcohol-free drinks are better than those with ethanol!

Finding really delicious and special drinks which make my tastebuds tingle and my heart sing has been a big, fat part of my sober journey. And I would love to share that journey, and the drinks, with you!

Are you a grey area drinker whose hair is getting grey too, like mine is?

Or perhaps you are pregnant, or often the designated driver, or training for a sports event?

Or are you simply sober curious?

Whatever the situation, if you are keen to learn about fantastic hangover-free drinks that are ideal for socialising with friends or relaxing at home, read on!

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My New Ebook!

An alcohol-free Aperol Spritz, too good!