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Hello, my name is Seana Smith, I'm a writer and wanderer, now on my own sober journey which I am recording on this website.

I hope that you'll find something interesting and useful here for yourself. 

  • Are you a grey area drinker whose hair is getting grey too, like mine is?
  • Or perhaps you are pregnant, or often the designated driver, or training for a sports event?
  • Or are you simply sober curious?


Whether you are exploring your own sobriety or just thinking about changing how much you drink, there are many articles here for you. 

Finding really delicious and special drinks which make my tastebuds tingle and my heart sing has been a big, fat part of my sober journey. And I would love to share that journey, and the drinks, with you! If you are keen to learn about fantastic hangover-free drinks that are ideal for socialising with friends or relaxing at home, read on!

And if you have been a traveller, as I have, then you might be interested in travels in sobriety - not that any are really happening in 2020, but they will again.

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