Hello there

My name is Seana Smith, I’m a writer currently living in Orange, New South Wales, Australia but originally from Scotland. I write here about my own sober journey and about the many drinks that I have taken up instead of my old nemesis, wine.

I’m hoping that I can assist anyone who is also off alcohol to really make the most of all the lovely drinks that you can enjoy instead.

And, if you’re in your 40s or 50s, you might be able to relate to how I found my drinking increasing as family life changed. There was a bit more freedom timewise, but also plenty of stress, especially emotionally. Teenagers can do that.

Anyway, after stopping and starting and trying to drink mindfully over about 25 years, for me, it is finally all over with alcohol. Here’s to all the other drinks I can have which will not make me ill, not increase my cancer risk and not make me depressed.

Seana Smith head shot 2020 2

So why Sober Journeys?

I love to travel and now that there’s no boozing on the plane, train or bus nor at my holiday location… well, I will need to bone up on interesting drinks in interesting places. I am SURE it can be done. So I’d like a bit of actual holiday and travel writing to be done here… and also, let’s face it… sobriety is a journey in itself.