Preparing for 2020: An Alcohol-Free Year Ahead
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So, Christmas is over and a New Year is just around the corner. New Year has always been a favourite time of year. I’ve loved the sense of renewal, of washing away the past and having a scrubbed clean and fresh start ahead.

When I stopped drinking at the end of November, I had meant it just to be a month off, particularly to avoid drinking over the booze-heavy Christmas and New Year period when, traditionally, I have made myself feel so ill. Then I had the idea I would learn to drink moderately in 2020. Hahahahaha…. how many times have I tried that?

But this time. stopping drinking felt different almost as soon as the stopping had started. What could you say, that I lost the taste for it, that I accepted that some people can moderate but I am not one of them, that, truly, my life would be better, and easier, if I just give alcohol away completely.

Whatever, I am ending 2019 sober and very happy to be sober, with the great hope that 2020 will be entirely alcohol-free.

This still feels like freedom.

Let’s see what the year ahead holds!

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