It wasn’t my actual drinking that was the problem
January 15, 2020

No, cos I was not falling around drunk, or drinking every day, or hiding my drinking or driving drunk or not being able to get up in the morning.

It was the MASSIVE EFFORT that I had to put in to keep my alcohol intake down to that dull roar; that was a big problem. The huge demands that NOT drinking as much as I really wanted to.

How I envied people who could just have the odd glass, or even a couple of glasses a couple of times a week. You are either like that or… you’re not. And there are loads of us who are not.

So, generally, I did not drink during the week, and at weekends generally not more than a half bottle at a time. When out with other people, especially my beloved pals who were drinkers, I would love to let rip and drink a heap more… I would look for those opportunities and might even manipulate to have them.

But then… the alcohol creep would start….

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