Not Pink Gin

On day 7 of posting 31 days of alcohol free drinks on my personal Facebook page. Today it was a Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic Water which has angostura in it, giving it the pink colour I think. I really loved this one. This drink takes me back to the days when my Dad drank pink gin … Read more

On This Significant Anniversary

My dear old Mum died one year ago today. My sisters and I sat by her side together for three days as her body slowly ticked down like a clock that really did not want to be wound up any more. Mum was deeply unconscious by the time I arrived from Australia. She did not … Read more

Parkrun: Love + Loathe

Ah yes, it’s a bit of a mixture alright. P and I did Parkrun this morning, my second Saturday in a row. In fairness, I am starting to loathe it less now. As I do it that is. It’s easy to love it before (virtue!) and afterwards (endorphins!). But I must say that, during my … Read more

Walking and Working

The terrible bush fires around the South Coast are heartbreaking and terribly scary all at the same time. Jervis Bay is next and all tourists have had to leave, quite right. Hope hope hope we can go on the 15th and help support the communities there. Meanwhile, awoke at 7.30am – a miracle. P and … Read more

Swim It All Away

Up at the crack of 05.30am by chance and thank God for a cool start. Worked like a wee Trojan to get six months biz expenses into Xero and then came a jolly little text. We are going to pool, who wants to come? So J and I were there by 10.30am and had wee … Read more

Happy New Year 2020

It’s the start of a new year and this will be a year of sobriety for me. The stopping drinking doesn’t feel too daunting but the staying sober emotionally and mentally may be. This website is to assist me in tracking my progress. and in keeping myself accountable. It’s also where I plan to celebrate … Read more

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