Cranberry Lime Soda Recipe
cranberry lime soda non alcoholic cocktail

If your alcoholic tipple of choice was ever a vodka cranberry then this is the healthier alternative for you. This cocktail is also known as a Cape Codder as Cape Cod in Massachusetts is famous as a cranberry-growing area.

Depending on the type of cranberry juice used, this drink may be very tart or somewhat sweeter. You need to find the type of juice that suits you best. My favourite is a very tart version, with very little sugar added. This makes my version super-tart and tasty too.

This mocktail recipe adds passionfruit to give the drink an Australian twist.

Cranberry Lime Soda


20ml fresh lime juice

40ml passionfruit (canned or fresh)

200ml cranberry juice of your choice

Soda water


Muddle the lime juice and passionfruit together in a large glass. Fill with ice then pour over the cranberry juice.

Top with soda, as much as you like.

Garnish with a slice of lime.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

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