Happy New Year 2020

It’s the start of a new year and this will be a year of sobriety for me. The stopping drinking doesn’t feel too daunting but the staying sober emotionally and mentally may be.

This website is to assist me in tracking my progress. and in keeping myself accountable.

It’s also where I plan to celebrate all the new and cool drinks and places to go out that I find this year. I am a great believer in:

Alcohol-free Big Nights Out!

Big lunches too!

2020 Starts With Volunteering

There was a Bathurst and Orange double parkrun this morning. I volunteered to be the photographer, sneakily managing to get outside for a while without actually having to run or even walk.

I do love Parkrun, there’s such variety, everyone is welcome. It was as fab to see the fastest runner come in as the slowest walker. And I got chatting to another volunteer who is housesitting for a month in Orange and we went for a coffee with another dear friend to the sublime Bills Beans. Love nattering to new people… so a delightful morning.

We popped out to see some friends on their property out of town later on, as the smoke from the Blue Mountains bushfires rolled in and in. What are we doing to our lungs? I took some ginger beer and Fever-Tree tonic and still had no urge to drink alcohol – hooray! Will this last?

I started my month of alcohol-free drinks posts on my personal Facebook page, Fever-Tree Elderflower, and was surprised at how much impact it made. There are plenty of teetotalers around, who knew? And several top ideas for lovely drinks too.

A movie with Jamie and an early night. OK 2020, we’ve started well together.

Let’s not mess up on Day Two!

Looking for a great book about sobriety and alcohol free reading?

Click here to read my favourite book list for 2024.

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