How To Make A Simple Virgin Mojito

These virgin mojitos are most maidenly, they will not get you into any trouble at all!

The Maidenly Virgin Mojito

Mojitos are all about the mint and the lime and the history of Havana, Cuba. Who cares about rum, or even bothering with an alcohol-free rum equivalent? Not me!

I have found that the mojito, like so many cocktails is just as delicious and satisfying without alcohol as it was with. It’s all the surrounding flavours and scents that make these drinks special.

The mojito seems to have begun life as a medicinal drink, given to help prevent scurvy and dysentery. The lime and mint work these wonders, so carry on with your mocktail making, secure in the knowledge that it’s good for you too.

You will find this virginal, maidenly mojito is just as refreshing and uplifting as one made with rum. And it is not at all shy or retiring.

A Simple Virgin Mojito


10 mint leaves

30ml lime juice

1 tsp sugar

Soda water


Muddle the mint leaves with the sugar and lime juice for one minute. I use a wooden spoon to muddle, the mint leaves should be bruised so that their oil is released, but should not be totally destroyed.

Add ice into the glass until it is full.

Top up the glass with soda water.

Garnish with plenty of mint and lime wedges or slices.

Find a place in the sun, settle down in a comfy chair, and take life at your leisure.

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