Not Pink Gin

On day 7 of posting 31 days of alcohol free drinks on my personal Facebook page. Today it was a Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic Water which has angostura in it, giving it the pink colour I think. I really loved this one.

This drink takes me back to the days when my Dad drank pink gin – rather a bold choice for a Scottish man. I loved the angostura bitters he used, and the pink colour, we used to drink it with tonic then occasionally. Dad would get one of us to pour the Angostura Bitters down the side of the glass and then add the gin and tonic and give it a stir. No ice!! This was Scotland, who needs ice?

Dad had stopped drinking whisky as it made him behave SO badly…. the pink gins were marginally better but …. well, that’s all part of a much longer story that can trickle out slowly. Not tonight though. Too much has happened today (bunny bereavement) to track back to Dad and his drinking.

Bloody marvellous

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