Parkrun: Love + Loathe

Ah yes, it’s a bit of a mixture alright.

P and I did Parkrun this morning, my second Saturday in a row. In fairness, I am starting to loathe it less now. As I do it that is. It’s easy to love it before (virtue!) and afterwards (endorphins!). But I must say that, during my walk/run/jpg/shuffle around the 5km course, I have often hated the moment… and sworn never to do it again. That’s easing though… I am getting better at paying attention to my breathing and also I do a lot of counting footsteps in blocks of 8, 20 or 100 and that’s distracting.

A friend sent me an article about how vigourous exercise will add three years to your life. That’s not very convincing to me. I’d probably end up spending that extra three years exercising: is it worth it?

But it actually is… in the short term rather than the long term. A bit of movement makes me feel so much better for the rest of that day. And there’s some satisfactory smugness there too. Sorry!

Also, a free pass to spend the rest of the day sitting on my bottom (chance would be a fine thing.)

The plan this year is to spend an hour outside in the fresh air every day, so that box is also ticked. It was an 8am start with the heat already at 27°C.

Anyway, it’s OK to be a lazy walker/slow jogger… a bit is better than nothing and that’s 100% the only other option.

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