Something Special


So we are now midway through January and I’m on day 16 of posting an alcohol-free drink daily on my personal Facebook page. Today’s drink was this Ceder’s Wild alt-gin with tonic and lemon.

Very botanical and rather exotic, made with South African herbs and Swedish water.

My friend BM left a comment on the post:

I think sometimes the only reason we want ‘a drink’ is because we want something special. You are showing us how to have that something special.


Yes, that’s it… we want something special, which I’ve called here before a treat. A reward for our good behaviour, some solace after a demanding day.

Is it actually a need or a want? Or maybe a want that we are so used to that it has become a need.

Anyway, most of us are tootling along doing our best in life and deserve something special. Most days!

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