The STRESS of Keeping Alcohol Within Limits

Aaarrgghhhh, the stress of keeping alcohol within limits! That’s what did me in… the constant thinking about it, the worry and the endless deals that I made with myself, all to keep my drinking within some sort of reasonable limits. The devious plans, the trades and trade offs, the cunning notions.

If I could just keep it for the weekends…. but then I’d buy a bottle of wine as an essential ingredient for a midweek spaghetti bolognese just to scoff the leftovers. Plan failed… and the guilt and the shame then. Often midweek I would be hunting around for social activities as these too might give me an excuse to have a drink.

I was running out of excuses for all those excuses I kept giving myself.

When you are someone who wants to drink more and more but you’re white-knuckling it, keeping things within limits, the stress is immense. Immense! It’s such a huge relief to slough that off and not need to keep count anymore, no need to tally up the units and then work out if you can have one more; I would inevitably end up drinking more than I meant to and then the mental self-abuse would kick in. So, so exhausting.

And no need to go out with people more than you might choose to, just to have a few drinks with them, like a normal person.

No waking up in the morning with regrets and recriminations all a’swirl around your head. No waking up thinking: ‘What rubbish was I talking last night?’ No hangovers either – what a life!

What a relief… yes, life is so much less stressful… mind you that doesn’t mean no stress at all. Haha. If only.

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