What the Wine Witch Said

My Wine Witch is telling me that when I take a flight later this year, I really must take the glass of French champagne that the air hostess will offer.

Yes! I’ve used points to upgrade to business class on the Sydney-Dubai leg. I’m deep enough to admit to how shallow I am. My rare business class flights between Sydney and London or Glasgow have been life highlights. I might never have been ghappier than when mid-air and lying flat out, with free food, the world’s best cashews and hosties offering all sorts of alcoholic drinks right, left and centre. Free!

Not free, of course, those flights have cost a fortune or have used up all my flying husband’s points. Will be a very very rare event now int he new normal.

Those flights and those glasses of champagne has been pretty meaningful in my life too. They have marked flights home for funerals and sudden dashes back to Scotland to help my mum when in need. I’ve still loved the flying and the food and drinks, even if I was also weeping.

Is it conceivable to not take that free glass of champagne? Would just the one matter? Is this just a very devious Wine Witch wiggling her way into my mind? Are these the last gaps of my addiction, desperately trying to cling on.

Well, might never know as that flight will not be happening. Sobriety saved by a pandemic, perhaps?

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