Who Is This Wine Witch, Anyway?

Lots of the quit lit I have read, and also many people on Facebook groups, mention ‘The Wine Witch.’ She’s that little voice in your head that suggests things like:

  • You really do deserve a glass of wine after all that effort
  • Just have the one, no-one will know
  • You never were that bad anyway
  • You know that wine really does relax you, and you’re so tense right now

She’s the voice of your addiction, of course. That voice is not you… gawd, knowledge of mindfulness is SO helpful with that voice. Becoming the observer and not getting too caught up in it at all… letting the voice talk and then fade away. So helpful.

It’s good to have some compassion for the wine witch, she’s desperate… you can listen to her for a bit, let her in, give her a comfy chair…. but this voice of your addiction can be soothed in many other ways. Alcohol really won’t help, even though that’s what your little voice claims is the one and only answer. So not.

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