You’re either worried about your drinking, or you’re not

You’re either worried about your drinking, or you’re not. And if you are not, then how did you find your way here!?? Haha, everyone is welcome.

But I do think that the world is a bit binary, it’s all a bit black and white. You either are at least a bit worried, or you are totally not. If totally not you might always be well below that 10 units a week limit, never think about straying beyond… you have much better ways to deal with stress, sorrow, joy and celebration than to lift a glass.

Do the antics of the regular drinkers and the outrages of those well out of control confuse and bemuse you? Does it all seem completely over the top and ridiculous… to worry about alcohol when there are so many other things to worry about in this world…. to even feel in its thrall… why can’t you just have one?

Others who are not worried about their drinking are those who drink more than the suggested limits, perhaps a lot more, but have decided to just live with that and not worry about it. The more lethal side effects of the poison in wine, beer, ciders and spirits can take decades to occur. So why worry? Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you can eat, drink and be merry again and it’s years from now that the cancers, strokes and dementia will show up. I can totally understand that point of view, that was me for decades.

But many of us are worried and we need to be, because drinking a bit more and a bit more, especially as we grow older if just so bloody easy to do… if you’re that way inclined. And I was.

You either have the thirst, or you don’t. Mind you, plenty of people who do have the thirst are not worrying about it.. and that’s their journey. Their life, their body, their mind, their sleep, their sanity.

But if you are worried about your drinking, welcome to a huge tribe of fellow worriers. There’s a long road ahead and a lot of happy times amidst the worries… and the hope and chance that one day that worry will be behind you, replaced by confidence.

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