Alcohol Creep
March 3, 2020

I bet I’m not the only person who knows exactly what ‘alcohol creep’ means.

It’s when you start of small, or not drinking at all but then bit by bit, it all builds up again.

With great effort, you keep your drinking down to a very dull road. Maybe it’s only a low hum, indeed, or a very deep growl.

Then days, weeks and months go by… too cocky, you start getting into old bad habits. It’s just the weekends to start… but then you’re out for a mid-week dinner so you have a glass. Then it’s too, and you would have had more but you’re driving home.

Then it’s getting a bottle of wine in as you need a splash of red for that spaghetti bolognaise recipe… which you then tipple night by night.

Then you start the mental torture and that hyper vigilance makes you stressed out so you start drinking more.

And then the alcohol has crept right back up to where it was when you made yourself stop the last time.

Some people don’t drink much ever; some people can always moderate.

Some of us are just not moderators with alcohol… better to own it. Better to accept it. Better to work out what alcohol was doing for you, or what you thought it was doing for you. Take anything you felt was valuable and then find other ways to get it.

Things that do not creep and things that do not torture you.

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