Going Under

My memoir ‘Going Under’ will be published in September 2024, by Ventura Press.

Latest posts

  • How Creative Writing + Memoir Can Work As Therapy For Your Sobriety
    Hello, I firmly believe that writing, especially a daily writing practice which delves into all the reasons why you drank and all the reasons why you need to stop or have stopped, can be a very powerful tool in sobriety. It certainly has been for me. I started scribbling things into notebooks as soon as … Read more
  • Timor Leste Drinking Story: Even in the most relaxing place on earth, I needed alcohol to chill out
    When I started writing my drinking story as part of my own sober journey, I did not only focus on the terrible behaviour. I also wanted to drill deep into the madness of it all. How desperate I felt, the lengths I would go to to get hold of some alcohol. How hard I had … Read more
  • 18 Favourite Australian Non Alcoholic Drinks
    Does Australia lead the world in creating cool and interesting, not to mention delicious, new non alcoholic drinks? I am not sure if anyone has done the official research, but over the past few years I have certainly found many great brands, some older and many new. Here’s my very own list of the best … Read more
  • Alcohol Free Spiced Mulled Cider Recipe
    Golden Knot Apple and Cherry Cider is a local favourite for us. The maker of Golden Knot is Small Acres Cyder, a brewing company based at Borenore in the Central West of NSW. Small Acres makes alcoholic and non-alcoholic apple and pear ciders from fruit locally-sourced from the many orchards around Orange. This Apple and Cherry … Read more
  • Books Read This Year – 2024 + 2023
    The Books I Read in 2024 – the goal I have a little project for myself as a reading writer and a writing reader in 2024. My aim is to read fewer books but to read more deeply. I will list the books I read here, and will also leave the link for a review … Read more
  • Our Very Own, Very Unique Drinking Problem
    Over the years, I have met many sorts of problem drinkers, and heard about many journeys to sobriety. Our stories are endlessly fascinating, and we all have our own unique drinking problem. Here’s my story. I would love to hear yours. I am happy to describe my issues with booze as a drinking problem and … Read more

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