Lovely to meet you!

I’m a Scottish emigrant to Australia and a writers of books, articles and websites.

I’m so glad you’ve found this website and I hope you will find it both useful and entertaining.

Here you’ll find all sorts of articles about:

  • writing and reading books and stories
  • sober travel
  • the best alcohol-free drinks

Here’s a wee video introduction to my forthcoming memoir.

Going Under

My memoir ‘Going Under’ will be published in September 2024, by Ventura Press.

Stay tuned for pre-order details!

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Latest posts

  • How Creative Writing + Memoir Can Work As Therapy For Your Sobriety
    Hello, I firmly believe that writing, especially a daily writing practice which delves into all the reasons why you drank and all the reasons why you need to stop or have stopped, can be a very powerful tool in sobriety. With creative writing therapy can be done at home or out and about, by you … Read more
  • Sobriety Recovery Quotes
    Are you like me? Do you love great sobriety recovery quotes? I have always found sober quotes really useful, they can sum up a lot of thoughts and feelings and experiences into a short, impactful sentence or two. Do you have a quotes board where you keep all your favourite recovery quotes? I am a … Read more
  • ‘Going Under’ my memoir
    Going Under My memoir ‘Going Under’ will be published in September 2024, by Ventura Press.
  • Alcohol Free Holidays: Excellent Sober Retreats + Vacations
    When you are sober you might be feeling much better but you still need and deserve regular breaks. Did you know that alcohol free holidays are a thing? Check out here all the alcohol free holidays which I have managed to find so far. These include alcohol free hotels and also sober retreats, as well … Read more
  • Timor Leste Drinking Story: Even in the most relaxing place on earth, I needed alcohol to chill out
    When I started writing my drinking story as part of my own sober journey, I did not only focus on the terrible behaviour. I also wanted to drill deep into the madness of it all. How desperate I felt, the lengths I would go to to get hold of some alcohol. How hard I had … Read more
  • 18 Favourite Australian Non Alcoholic Drinks
    Does Australia lead the world in creating cool and interesting, not to mention delicious, new non alcoholic drinks? I am not sure if anyone has done the official research, but over the past few years I have certainly found many great brands, some older and many new. Here’s my very own list of the best … Read more

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