Watch this space!

So I have now begun to get my blog and Instagram up and running. I have taken the step to start a video diary (not an easy thing for me to do!). I feel like I have broken down some of my barriers and well and truly been kicked out of my comfort zone!

So now its time to take step 2 and begin my vegan diary. Now this is really going to hurt as I track all my measurements, weight, losses, gains and everything else that is going to come with this! I will share my pictures, recipes and meal plans everyday. I am even going to share my activity levels from my galaxy gear watch. It is ALL going to be out there and I say lets bring it on!

If I can do it anybody can do it and I am really lucky to have some absolutely amazing people in my corner and this is something that I really want to share with anybody who may have been struggling and not know where to turn. Join me and we can do it together. Teamwork all the way