Our Very Own, Very Unique Drinking Problem

Over the years, I have met many sorts of problem drinkers, and heard about many journeys to sobriety. Our stories are endlessly fascinating, and we all have our own unique drinking problem. Here’s my story. I would love to hear yours. I am happy to describe my issues with booze as a drinking problem and … Read more

But HOW Do They Do It?? Why Can’t I?

When my close friend Susie stopped drinking alcohol, I was really fascinated and also very curious… HOW CAN SHE DO IT? What is her secret? This was at a time when I really could not ever see myself being able to stop drinking permanently. Even though I thought that my life would be easier and … Read more

Alcoholics Anonymous Al-Anon Meetings Glasgow

I always say that the best night out in Glasgow is a visit to an open AA meeting. You meet the most spellbinding and often outrageous storytellers at AA meetings, charismatic characters whose personalities have been not in the slightest diminished by stopping drinking alcohol. At an AA meeting, you hear of the highs and … Read more

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