Alcohol Free Spiced Mulled Cider Recipe

Golden Knot Apple and Cherry Cider is a local favourite for us. The maker of Golden Knot is Small Acres Cyder, a brewing company based at Borenore in the Central West of NSW. Small Acres makes alcoholic and non-alcoholic apple and pear ciders from fruit locally-sourced from the many orchards around Orange. This Apple and Cherry … Read more

An Alcohol-Free Angry Mule Mocktail

The Not Quite So Angry Mule is an alcohol-free cocktail that will give you a kick where it counts, your throat. I was first served this mocktail at The Quarters, a terrific restaurant in Huskisson, at Jervis Bay. My drink had lots of very finely diced red chilli floating around on top and it almost … Read more

Cranberry Lime Soda Mocktail Recipe

If your alcoholic tipple of choice was ever a vodka cranberry then this is the healthier alternative for you. This cocktail is also known as a Cape Codder as Cape Cod in Massachusetts is famous as a cranberry-growing area. Depending on the type of cranberry juice used, this drink may be very tart or somewhat … Read more

Lyre’s Amaretto Sour Recipe

Here’s a special cocktail that is a joy to drink well before the sun gets over that bloody yardarm. I first tried an alcohol-free Amaretto Sour, made with Lyre’s Amaretti, at the Sydney Opera House Opera Bar. I watched the Amaretto Sour being made – it was severely shaken and not stirred at all. The bitter, almond … Read more

An Alcohol Free Old Fashioned Recipe

You’re in need of a sophisticated non-alcoholic whisky cocktail,? Of course you are! Who isn’t? You just fancy that kick, that shock to the back of the throat. So here you go, say cheers to the alcohol-free Old Fashioned. Whisky cocktails were made in all sorts of ways during the 19th century, but the ‘old-fashioned … Read more

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