Sobriety Recovery Quotes

Are you like me? Do you love great sobriety recovery quotes?

I have always found sober quotes really useful, they can sum up a lot of thoughts and feelings and experiences into a short, impactful sentence or two.

Do you have a quotes board where you keep all your favourite recovery quotes?

I am a passionate reader of sober stories, see my article on the best quit lit books I have read so far.

On my Sober Journeys Instagram and Facebook pages, I love to post quotes from the books I have read, and I thought I would gather them all here too. I might even add some in from my own memoir, ‘Going Under.’

The Outrun is such a powerful book. I remember being so blown away when I read, it. Couldn’t put it down.

I loved it for the nature writing, and for the terrifying tales of drunken excess and disaster.

But it’s the beautiful prose that makes this book stand out. This book was Amy’s first but she has written more and her marvellous phrasing and style that keeps me coming back to it.

Also, much of the book is set in Orkney. I’d also recently read ‘Swimming With Seals’ about sea swimming in Orkney, another lusciously written book which I could relate to very much.

Drinking, in fact, had become my one and only hobby. The only thing I did with any spare time, and the only thing I did to counter the fact I barely even had any spare time. I was rarely without a glass in hand if it was past 5 p.m. and I was at home.

 On the outside, no one thought I had a problem, but inside I was in turmoil.

Sarah Rusbatch- Beyond Booze

My drinking had adapted to my new lifestyle as a parent. I started earlier and finished earlier, but I still drank.

I was mentally exhausted by the battle of constantly trying and failing to moderate. I knew in my soul I was done. I knew my life was better without alcohol. I knew I was a better mum, wife, friend and worker without alcohol. I knew I was better without alcohol and I was. And I am.

Sarah Rusbatch – Beyond Booze
sobriety recovery quote from Victoria Vanstone

So many of us think that moderation is the ultimate goal. But for many of us, it’s completely impossible. And it can be the ultimate prison sentence for those who achieve it. Because even if they do manage to moderate, they don’t want to moderate. They want to drink with abandoned and with no regard for consequences to moderate their using every ounce of willpower. And mental energy to stick to the prescribed number they have dictated as being acceptable, but it’s extremely tiring and takes up so much headspace. When we stop trying to moderate and choose to completely remove alcohol, we free up so much headspace.

Sarah Rusbatch – Beyond Booze

Later I plunged myself into parties— alcohol, drugs, relationships, sex—wanting to taste the extremes, not worrying about the consequences, always seeking sensation and raging against those to warned me away from the edge, My life was rough and windy and tangled.

Amy Liptrot – The Outrun

It’s thought that at least one in five cases of dementia is probably due to alcohol…. And it’s been suggested that women may experience brain damage at lower levels of alcohol than men.

There are several reasons for the impact of alcohol on the brain. There’s the direct neurotoxic effect of the alcohol itself. There are indirect effects, such as the increased risk of stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure that comes from drinking. All of these raise your risk of dementia. Finally, you’re more likely to have an accident after drinking— and head injury is a huge risk factor for dementia.

Professor David Nutt – Drink? The New Science Of Alcohol + Your Health   

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these sobriety and recovery quotes.

Pop back as I will be adding more as I read them.

All the best from

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