There’s Nothing Wrong With A Crutch
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We’ve all got an emotional break somewhere

Everyone needs a hand sometimes or a leg up, sometimes both. And everyone needs a crutch at various times in their lives, even if what they need is not actual medical crutch.

We need to lean on things and we need support. Crutches are ideal on both counts.

But usually using alcohol as your crutch will end up with a painful fall. It’s not a very good friend when times are tough. Long-term alcohol will not support you at all. Even in the short term, alcohol can do a lot more harm than good when it comes to helping you deal with life’s sticky moment.

Here are some other emotional crutches that you can rely on longer term.

  • therapy or counselling
  • a financial advisor or counsellor, many charities provide this service free of charge
  • your friends and family (if helpful)
  • your GP
  • exercice
  • time outdoors
  • self-care treats… which can involve chocolate
  • alcohol-free drinks, you will be amazed at how strong the placebo effect can be

I know, we all do, how the ‘instant relax’ of the first drink can be used even in noisy and busy moments… and you care less than you did before. But you tend to care less about everything… and none of the problems that you need a crutch to help you with go away.

Anyway, here’s to crutches, I’ve got a metaphorical cupboard of them… ready to go when I need support.

Have you got a genuinely supportive crutch on hand too?

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