Lyre’s Amaretto Sour Recipe

My first ever Amaretto Sour, a taste sensation

Here’s a special cocktail that is a joy to drink well before the sun gets over that bloody yardarm.

I first tried an alcohol-free Amaretto Sour, made with Lyre’s Amaretti, at the Sydney Opera House Opera Bar. I watched the Amaretto Sour being made – it was severely shaken and not stirred at all. The bitter, almond taste was scrumptious and it felt very special as we sipped our drinks with views over Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Since then, I have bought a bottle of Lyre’s Amaretti and made this drink at home. I use the liquid from a can of chickpeas and a glass jar as a cocktail shaker. Works a treat.

Lyre’s Amaretto Sour


75ml Lyre’s Amaretti 

15ml lemon juice

5ml white sugar syrup (1:1)

10ml egg white (for a vegan alternative replace with aquafaba aka liquid from a can of chickpeas)

3 dashes aromatic bitters


Rapid shake with ice.

Strain, fill glass with fresh cubed ice.

Garnish with a lemon wedge and maraschino cherries.

Try not to drink it all at once!

NB It’s easy to make a sugar syrup, just warm together 100g of sugar and 100 ml of water until the sugar melts, then cool and store in the fridge.

Cheers to the Opera Bar at Sydney Opera House for giving the booze-liberated some great options.

Lyre’s is a rapidly-expanding Australian company which is becoming well known worldwide for its range of spirit alternatives. There are now 13 alcohol-free spirits all of which aim to mimic the flavours of the traditional spirit.

Lyre’s spirits can be used exactly as the drinks they emulate, minus the hangover. Lyre’s describe their drinks as ‘capturing the essence of the original, with flavours that are distinct and contemporary.’

The full range of Lyre’s is: London Dry Spirit, Italian Spritz, American Malt, Spiced Cane Spirit, White Cane Spirit, Dark Cane Spirit, Amaretti, Aperitif Rosso, Aperitif Dry, Coffee Originale, Italian Orange, Orange Sec, Absinthe.

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