18 Favourite Australian Non Alcoholic Drinks

Does Australia lead the world in creating cool and interesting, not to mention delicious, new non alcoholic drinks? I am not sure if anyone has done the official research, but over the past few years I have certainly found many great brands, some older and many new.

Here’s my very own list of the best Australian non alcoholic drinks. I hope you enjoy it. Here’s to sober boozing!

Alcohol Free Spirits

Not an official Aperol Spritz mocktail, this is my lo cal version, simply mix Lyre’s Italian Spritz with Fever-Tree tonic water. Refreshing!!

Lyre’s Spirits

The lyrebird mimics sounds of other birds and of everyday noises. So when this company was founded in 2019, the name Lyre’s was used to signify that these alcohol free spirits mimic their alcoholic counterparts.

Talk about bursting onto the sober scene, Lyre’s started with a good range of spirits but quickly expanded its offerings and became available worldwide very fast.

So, if you would like to have an ersatz version of your favourite cocktail, or a simple gin and tonic, then Lyre’s makes it easy for you.

Bars and restaurants quickly began stocking Lyre’s and making really delicious cocktails available – what an improvement on the usual fruity, too-sweet mocktails.

The Lyre’s range now includes spirits which double for gin, whisky, Aperol, aperitifs, dark and light rum, coffee liqueur, orange sec, tequila and, my favourite, amaretto (with which I make a yummy amaretto sour at home.)

Check out the Lyre’s website were you can find drinks recipes and buy the AF spirits direct.

glass of non alcoholic australian drink Lyre orange sec and agave spirit made into a cocktail
This is a Lime Nah-garita, agave spirit, orange sec, lime, simple syrup and a salt rim, from the restaurant Serotonin in Huskisson at Jervis Bay.

Brunswick Aces

Begun in 2017, Brunswick Aces was the first non-alcoholic spirit brand to be produced in Australia. This momentous event happened in 2017, not really that long ago.

Next came a bar, and at first only non-alcoholic drinks were sold. Nowadays you can also buy some alcoholic beverages. The Brunswick Aces cocktail bar is called Ginny’s after a beloved grandmother. It is open at weekends and on Thursday, but do check the website in case opening times have changed.

At Brunswick Aces you will also find a bottle shop (open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm at the time of writing, but do double check) selling the Brunswick Aces alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as drinks from other companies. There are three alcohol-free gins on offer at the shop and in the bar, Brunswick Aces Hearts Sapiir, Brunswick Aces Spades Sapiir and Brunswick Aces Diamonds Sapiir.

The Spades blend was the first cab of the rank, and was created using green cardamom and fresh herbs, sweet citrus and lemon myrtle, with Tasmanian pepperberry.

The Hearts blend includes cinnamon, cacao nibs, orange, and clove, with star anise, native wattleseed, and juniper.

The Diamonds is the new kid, and has flavours of citrus and floral aromas.

All of these drinks can be mixed with a simple tonic; they also lend themseves to being a base for creative non alcoholic cocktails.

Address: 124 Weston Street, Brunswick East, Vic 3056

Brunswick Aces website, click here.

A cocktail from So-bar at Seadrift Distillery

Seadrift Distillery

This is one of my own favourites as I stay very close by when visiting Sydney and I enjoy the flavours of the drink almost as much as the ambience of the bar.

At Seadrift Distillery you can see traditional copper pot distillation process in action. The original product was the Seadrift Marine (Classic) Non-Alcoholic Spirit, a marine vidka style drink that can be served in many ways. (There are many ideas on the website.) The main flavours are coriander and lime, with a dash of sea kelp. It is definitely a scent and flavour reminiscent of the nearby ocean.

Seadrift Coast Non-Alcoholic Gin has basil, juniper and lemongrass notes. Seadrift Wild Hibiscus Non-Alcoholic Pink Gin is a very pretty colour with hibiscus adding flavour and sweetness to juniper, basil and rosemary. Yum!

You can buy the three NA spirits in 700 ml bottles and pre-mixed in single serve cans, which are my favourites; so simple.

Check on the website or call to see when So-bar is open. The distillery is open for bottle sales from Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (check website and call about weekends) Check out the cocktails section on the website and be amazed, then see if you can join a cocktail making class.

Address: 12 Sydenham Road, Brookvale, NSW 2100

Seadrift Distillery website, click here

Cute mini bottles of Seadrift Wild Hibiscus
The bar with stills behind at Seadrfit
One of my early favourites, a very grown up drink that helps me chill out once the work/family day is over

Monday Distillery

Oh what a relief. The photo above shows a pre-mixed gin and tonic substitute that is worth the money, tastes good and feels totally grown-up. Monday Distillery also has groovy packaging and very cool copywriting. I especially like the tag line ‘High Spirits, Clear Minds’ as that is totally what I am aiming for.

Monday Distillery drinks are both alcohol- and sugar-free. Just a little natural stevia is used to sweeten the drinks.

This isn’t a distilled spirit, rather the botanicals are distilled and then blended with spring water. There’s also some real quinine in here for that true tonic taste.

I started my Monday explorations with the G+T range. The Classic G&T has a gin base – you’ll find subtle juniper, rosemary, sea salt and lemon and lime flavours there – as well as the tonic. The Monday Distillery Exotic Spice G&T has the same base as the Classic, with cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom to add pizzazz.

The Monday Distillery pre-mixed G&Ts come in 300ml bottles, enough for two glasses when ice is used too. I like to garnish these drinks with rosemary and lime or lemon: the aromas of these garnishes give the drink an extra special kick.

The Monday Distillery range is now much bigger:

  • Dark and Stormy
  • Mezcalita
  • Dram & Dry
  • Dram Sour
  • Cello Bella
  • Margarita Spritz
  • Coco Margarita Spritz
  • Paloma
  • Native Bellini

Sam Manning is the founder of Monday Distillery. Like many other makers of alcohol-free drinks, she found herself at a loss when looking for healthy drinks that were not sweet or sickly. So she created her own.

Buy direct here: Monday Distillery

Naked Life Non-Alcoholic Spirits

I was never a tequila drinker, but this NA Pink Paloma is delish, and I enjoyed a totally new flavour for me

The most widely sold, and also most reasonably priced, alcohol free spirit cocktails can be found in many supermarkets as well as in bottle shops. There is now a range of 16 pre-mixed cocktails, sold in four-packs of 250ml cans, which mimic alcoholic cocktails. Check out the full range on the website below.

Founder David Andrew began creating alcohol free drinks in his own kitchen when he was reducing the amount of sugar in his diet. This led to steam distilling many botanicals to becoe the base of the different AF cocktails the company makes.

Buy Direct here: Naked Life Non-Alcoholic Spirits

This is an Altd Green Grocer with tonic and cucumber – super refreshing!

Altd Spirits

The alcohol-free gin in this drink is made by ALTD Spirits and the name says it all. These spirits may be distilled in traditional copper stills, but their alcohol content has been altered, to zero per cent proof.

Based in Marrickville, Sydney, the ALTD Spirits microdistillery creates spirits which are not modelled on the flavours of alcoholic spirits – they have tastes unique to themselves.

In the photo here we have the Green Grocer, with its lemon, pepper and thyme flavours. The ingredients include: lemon myrtle and lemon peel, green grapefruit, Tasmanian pepperberry, native thyme, rosemary, aniseed myrtle plus sandalwood and iron bark.

This is a powerful botanical alt-gin which goes very well with Indian tonic or a cucumber tonic. Adding in plenty of cucumber and muddling the drink before adding ice gives a fresh feel to a new, old favourite.

There are two more drinks from ALTD Spirits and all their drinks are named after a type of Australian cicada.

There’s the Golden Emperor which has chocolate and orange aromas and flavours, together with wattleseed, chilli, salt and red gum bark. This spirit goes well with soda, tonic and colas.

The Golden Emperor
The pink-gin variation, Silver Princess

And the Silver Princess is all berries, spice and lime, featuring strawberry gum, desert lime, honey myrtle, cinnamon myrtle, pink peppercorn and cherry wood. Drink with tonic or soda for a simple G & T alternative.

I have also enjoyed all of the ALTD Spirits neat over ice and with a citrus garnish.

Each of these spirits has cocktails created for them. Some are fairly complex for the home cocktail maker. Find these recipes on the ALTD Spirits website. As with other Australian alcohol-free spirits, you will find these spirits available in more progressive bars.

The ALTD Spirits company was founded in 2018 by former barman and marketer Tim Triggs. The company sources all its ingredients from Australia, ethically and sustainably, and nothing artificial is used.

Altd Spirits does some shorter runs too. I have adored the collaboration with Kakadu Kitchen which has brought us the Kaboh (Green Ant) G&T Limited Edition and the An-marabula (native Peach) Bellini. I bought half a dozen of each and have loved pouring out the single serves to sip as I cook or relax in the evening.

And yes, the green ant flavour is made with green ants. If you haven’t ever tried these when visiting the far north of Australia, feat not, they taste of lemon, and not of ant! Green ants are amazing creatures, they weave leaves together to form colonies in trees. The native peach bellini tastes sweet and rich, it’s made with native peach nectar, botanicals and sparkling wine. I love it with heaps of ice on a warm evening in the garden.

Smug AF Cocktails

The Smug AF coconut margarita – a treat in my favourite glass

Smug AF is a Sydney-based company run by Loz, a lively woman who stopped drinking along with her dad after he became ill. The Smug AF range are single serves cocktails, margaritas, mojitos, cosmopolitans and bellinis. I have bought the 16-pack cases and then more recently wanted to check out the coconut margarita which I just adore and will buy again. Loz also sells very pretty cocktail garnishes.

The Smug cans show groups of girls having fun, and that’s the feeling behind this brand. It’s girly and lively, like the drinks, which are made to create a flavourful alternative to alcoholic cocktails, without losing any sophistication and flavour.

Buy Smug AF drinks direct on the Smug Af website here.

Sweet and made with real peach nectar, this Bellini is a treat served with ice.
The Smug Mojito is my fave mojito so far, served with mint from the farden. I usually have ice too.

Noot Functional Cocktails

Who knew that a negroni could taste so good? I never used to drink cocktails like this when I drank alcohol!

Noot is short for nootropics, which are herbs known to calm and relax people. Noot uses passionflower and green oat extract. These are used in the range of single serve non alcoholic cocktails created by this brand. With no alcohol and no sugar, the drinks range includes:

  • Noot Negroni Spritz
  • Classic G+T
  • Ginger Mule

I can tell you that the Ginger Mule has a real gingery kick. The negroni is strong too and I tend to drink these with a lot of ice and to sip slowly, so that I can enjoy a less powerful flavour as the ice melts. And I do long a longer drink too. The G+T does feel very grown up, with plenty of juniper.

Can I feel the cognitive benefits of the nootropics? Ummm… not really. I tend to drink Noot cocktails in the evening when I am relaxing and feeling pretty good. I cannot put my hand on my heart and say that I get any sort of a mini buzz from the ingredents used. But my tastebuds get a pleasure!

Buy Noot cocktails on the website here.

Alcohol Free Wines + Equivalents

glass of altina shiraz sparkling with can australian non alcoholic drink
My celebration drink of this summer, Altina’s Sparkling Shiraz

Altina Drinks

Altina Drinks makes non alcoholic wines infused with botanicals to recreate the taste and palate of wine – but better. These are definitely drinks for special occasions, they are beautifully packaged and have interesting, unique tastes. Australian native plants are used, along with organic herbs, fruits and spices, blended to taste and feel very different to other de-alcoholised wines.

Founder Christina DeLay has a PhD in Plant Biology as well as a Bachelor of Chemical Biotechnology. She’s brought this expertise on board to create cocktails which are subtle, yet full of flavour.

The range includes:

  • Sparkling Sangria, a sparkling red alcohol free wine with spicy notes. This is my current favourite for celebrations.
  • Finger Lime Sauvignon is described as ‘Bright aroma of white nectarine and fresh cucumber. A crisp, lingering finish underpinned with herbaceous notes.’ I do find this wine very light with a welcome slight tart taste.
  • Kakadu Plum Rosé uses both sauvignon blanc and shiraz wines, and the Australian native fruit the Kakadu Plum which adds a delicate dark fruity flavour to this dry and crisp rosé.
  • Pepperberry Shiraz also has a unique flavour, described by the maker as: ‘Bursting with juicy red fruits and a hint of dark chocolate. A dry, smooth finish, with notes of vanilla and layered lingering spice.’
  • Altina also offers a Sparkling Rosé and a Sparkling Brut.
  • Altina also makes an alternative to wine called Le Blanc, a sparkling drink flavoured with Australian forestberry, wattleseed, apple and green tea.
  • A rosé wine alternative drink is called La Vie En Rose. It’s made from hibiscus and pink rose petals, with sweet orange too. Both drinks are light and sparkly. They feel slightly wine-like in the mouth, with their own subtle, distinctive taste. They are unlike any other drink I have tried, truly, and very welcome for that.

Altina sells its drinks in 750 ml bottles and in single serve cans. Altina has also created a Czech-style non alcoholic pilsner which I have not tried yet.

The Altina range was one of the first of the Australian non alcoholic drinks which I tried, very early in my sober journey. So Altina will always have a special place in my heart…. and fridge.

Buy direct here: Altina Drinks


Founded by Ben and Emma Mellows in 2021, POLKA produces alcohol free wines using premium wine from their home state of South Australia. POLKA also makes a terrific (and so very pretty) Non-Alc Botanical Spirit infused with juniper, pepper berry and pink grapefruit, which I love served with ice and tonic or just with sparkling water and ice. There is also a Non-Alc Italian Aperitif which I am yet to try.

My photo above shows the POLKA De-Alc Sparkling Rosé which has some Davidson Plum added to give a bit of tartness and depth of flavour. There’s also a sparkling white wine which is flavoured with Lilly Pilly and was an early favourite of mine. Finally, there’s the De-Alc Dry Red, which I have not tried yet.

Buy direct here: POLKA

A surprise find at a local bar here in Orange, thank you Birdie Noshery


NON is a brand of 0.0% alcohol drinks which you will find in many bars and restaurants. Foodie and entrepreneur Aaron Trotman created an alternative to wine, using verjus and a large variety of plants and vegetables.



If in Melbourne, you can go on tours of the purpose-built NONHQ, a non-alcoholic cellar door.

There are eight always-available flavours plus some short runs, in very eclectic combinations such as:

  • NON1 Salted Raspberry & Chamomile
  • NON3 Toasted Cinnamon & Yuzu
  • NON4 Roast Beetroot & Sansho
  • NON7 Stewed Cherry & Coffee

I first tried NON2 Caramelised Pear & Kombu at a local wine bar here in Orange, New South Wales. I was a bit startled at the $30 a bottle price tag, but my friends were drinking wine so I decided to treat myself to a bottle. And it was really good, delicious and special. Must try some more flavours.

Lovely colour and satisfyingly bubby

Maggie Beer’s Sparkling Ruby Cabernet

Say hello to Maggie Beer’s Sparkling Ruby Cabernet. Of all the de-alcoholised wines I have tried, this one is one of my favourites, perhaps because it is a bit more tart. I tried it first on a Christmas Day, having spotted it in Dan Murphys. It worked well for me as a fun drink to celebrate with lunch.

I’m afraid that, for me, non-alcoholic wines have generally been very disappointing. And it’s not that I haven’t persisted. First of all, I tried a few German reds and whites, bought from Alcofree, an Australian alcohol-free drinks online store. The wines really had no real wine taste, they tasted like grape juice, not a bad thing in itself but nothing like wine.

I’ve also enjoyed hearing the pop of the cork when drinking supermarket-bought Edenvale brand Sparkling Rosé and their Sparkling Cuvee. Both are delightfully fizzy, light and come in great bottles.

Overall though, de-alcoholised wines are not great and I only buy them if I want to hear the sound of a cork popping and to taste fizz in a champagne glass. (One never knows when this sort of need might arise.)

The one place where alcohol-free wines do work well is in spicy mulled wine.

Maggie Beer also makes non-alcoholic Prosecco, Sparkling Chardonnay and a Sparkling Chardonnay. I do not absolutely love these, but they are very widely available and reasonably priced compared to other AF wines, so they do find their way into my fridge. They work well in an Erstaz Aperol Spritz.

Non Alcoholic Australian Beers

NB I am not a big drinker of AF beers, so these are just the ones I know and drinks myself.

Cool and refreshing on a hot summer day

Heaps Normal

We’re normalising mindful drinking by brewing beer that tastes so good, you won’t miss the alcohol.

Heaps Normal

Heaps Normal started brewing its range of AF beers in 2018. It’s an alcohol free brewing company, rather than a brewery that has added an AF offering. We like that!

Don’t ask me how it is made. I believe that Heaps Normal uses its own types of yeast and brewing method. However they make it, Heaps Normal has been a success with four beers now in the range:

  • Quiet XPA
  • Half Day Hazy
  • Another Lager
  • Tough Stuff Shandy

Heaps Normal also do smaller runs of beer, for example Coffee Run Stout.

You’ll find Heaps Normal in many pubs and restaurants, as well as in bottle shops.

Buy direct here: Heaps Normal

Here’s a photo of the latest AF beer that my hubby and I tried, it’s called Frisbee In The Park from Out Here Beer. This is a pale ale which refreshed me and got a wee tick of approval from Paul too.

I am not a huge AF beer drinker, so if you would like to look at a big range of Australian AF beers, check out this webpage on Craft Zero where you can buy the beers as well as read about them.


Sobah Non-Alcoholic Beverages is an innovative, forward-thinking Australian craft brewery. This Gold Coast based company makes several styles of alcohol-free beer, flavoured with the inimitable taste of Australian bush tucker.

The company is owned by an Indigenous family, the only Australian non alcoholic drinks company which is, as far as I know. Founder Clinton Schultz had stopped drinking and missed beer, so he decided to make his own and champion the cause of ‘breaking down the stigma of socialising sober’.

Sobah was Australia’s first non-alcoholic craft beer company. Sobah sells direct to the public as well as to hotels and bars.

I first tried the Pepperberry IPA and found it fairly tart, even a bit spicy. Brilliant. The Finger Lime Cerveza and Lemon Aspen Pilsner are both lighter and I could definitely taste the native citrus fruits in each. How much better than the old-fashioned lager and lime of my dim and distant youth!

For blokes who might get a bit of stick for not drinking, an alcohol-free beer looks like a beer and might deflect some of the annoying comments that come your way.

The Sobah Brewery and Cafe at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast is open and I must get there for a visit!

Buy direct here: Sobah Beverages

Alcohol Free Australian Drinks – Fruity, Botanical, Functional + Fun

ETCH Sparkling

ETCH stands for Every Time Choose Health, which is exactly what you will be doing if you swap one of these sparkling beverages for an alcoholic drink. ETCH Sparkling have created six drinks from their Mornington Peninsula, Victoria base.

  • ZST, which has finger limes, lemon myrtle and rosemary flavours. Finger limes are the fruit of a rainforest shrub found in Queensland and New South Wales. Finger limes have tough finger-shaped fruits which open to reveal hundreds of juice pearls. Lemon myrtle is one of the best known Australian bush tucker foods, with a unique and delicious flavour and smell. The citrus flavours are balanced by a subtle rosemary taste, enhanced when you garnish this drink with a rosemary garnish.
  • The PLM has Davidson plum, riberry and strawberry gum. If you have ever tasted Davidson plums you will recognise this unique sweet, tart Australian flavour. Riberry is another native Australian fruit, a small red berry which was used medicinally and as a food source by Indigenous people. Strawberry gum is a type of tree, the leaves taste sweet yet slightly acidic too.
  • The HNY has notes of honey and rosewater.
  • APL has bush apple and Kakadu plum as flavours.
  • RNG tastes of oranges and quandong fruit.
  • MTN is flavoured with mountain pepperberry.

ETCH Sparkling, founded by husband and wife team Jason and Andy Quin, aims to create healthy drinks using native Australian fruits and herbs. The drinks have with no-added sugar, and only natural honey used in the HSY. There are no preservatives in these drinks.

Jason Quin worked in the wine industry for 20 years before starting ETCH. His experience shows through in these sophisticated drinks which have a very different mouth-feel to sparkling soda waters or sweeter drinks. ETCH Sparkling drinks make a good wine substitute to drink with food.

Buy direct here: ETCH Sparkling

Rosemary garnish from the pot by my back door
elderflower australian non alcoholic drinks
Such a treat to pull out the cork in a bottle of elderberry or elderflower fizz

Ashbolt Elderflower + Elderberry Sparkling

Ashbolt Farm in Tasmania makes sparkling drinks from elderflower trees grown on the farm. The farm is organic and the drinks have no preservatives or artificial colours.

The sparkling elderflower drink is fermented in the bottle producing a medium-dry drink with the inimitable floral scent and flavour of the  tiny white star-shaped elderflower blossom, plus a hint of lychee.

Have you ever tried elderflower pressé or another type of fizzy elderflower drink? I used to drink the Belvoir brand in the UK even when I was at my most drunken (Oxford, 1983-87; you really had to be there). I absolutely adore the slightly weird smell and taste of elderflower drinks, perhaps because we used to make them at home when we were kids in Scotland.

Here in Australia, you can find Bottle Green Elderflower Cordial in supermarkets. Just add soda water and ice for a sparkling drink. Occasionally, in cafés and bars, I have drunk an imported Fentimans Elderflower and that is nice too.

There’s also the delightfully tart Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic. It’s good, the elderflower taste is only lightly present, and it goes pretty well with the tartness of the tonic.

But I do love a sweet elderflower pressé more. They definitely have more calories but what is life without a sweet treat that doesn’t get you sozzled?

Ashbolt Farm also sells an Elderberry Sparkling in a similar beautiful bottle. These small dark purple berries are nutrient dense and taste strong, sweet and yet tart too.

Ashbolt Farm is located in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley and has been in the Ashbolt family since 1906, initially as an apple orchard. The elder grove was planted in the late 1990s and produces all the elderflowers and elderberries used to make these delicious drinks.

Buy direct here: Ashbolt Farm

Delightfully gingery, plenty of zing!

Hillbilly Ginger

Here’s a local New South Wales alcohol-free cider with a backstory. When the terrible bushfires of January 2020 raged around the state, the tiny town of Bilpin on the Bells Line of Road in the Blue Mountains was assaulted on all sides. It is a miracle that most of Bilpin survived. No, actually, Bilpin’s survival is down to the bravery and expertise of the Rural Fire Service and others.

Just after the fires, my daughter and I drove down the Bells Line of Road. This was a very confronting journey. As we turned south from Lithgow, all the hills were bare, tall black sticks were all that was left, burned to a crisp. It was a scary sight even after the fires were put out.

We stopped in Bilpin for lunch. We had a pizza and a bottle of Hillbilly Ginger whilst the café’s owner told us how he had had to leave his home and business then didn’t find out for a week that the café was safe. He said that when he drove in he was sobbing. We were teary too. Thank goodness so many homes, orchards, cafés and businesses were saved. Cafes and restaurants are still serving their locally produced meals and Hillbilly Cider are brewing their delightfully spicy cider.

Hillbilly Cider has The Cider Shed at 2230 Bells Line of Road where you can drink and buy cider and enjoy their own homemade pizzas.

Up there in Bilpin – and it’s well worth the journey – you can also visit another cider company, Bilpin Cider which has the Bilpin Cider Cellar Door at 2369 Bells Line of Road. There you will find Bilpin Non-Alcoholic Apple and Raspberry; as well as the original Bilpin Non-Alcoholic Apple Cider, made with local Granny Smiths, Pink Lady and Red Delicious apples. Picnic hampers are also for sale there which you can enjoy in the gardens.

Many companies are now making their ciders in an alcohol-free version, so do check out what is local to you too.

Check out a recipe for alcohol-free mulled cider here!

Buy direct here: Hillbilly Cider

My most regular tipple

Adapt Drinks

Sparkling Adaptogenic Drinks – Sugar Free Stress Relief

From frazzled to serene, each sip replaces stress with serenity and calm, leaving you refreshed and relaxed.

Adapt Drinks

My longtime blogging friend Nicole Avery founded Adapt Drinks to provide a health-giving sip for stressed mums and dads who need to relax in the evening without ruining their sleep by drinking alcohol. (Nicole has five children and is the mum behind Planning With Kids.)

There are two Adapt Relax flavours, lemon myrtle and and native strawberry gum. These are sparkling drinks, very pretty in the glass and with a delicate flavour. These drinks also have adaptogens in them, but what are adaptogens?

Experts believe that adaptogens interact with the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which initiates your body’s stress response and plays a big role in keeping your body in balance.

Not all herbs work as adaptogens. To be considered an adaptogen, an herb or plant substance must:

  1. Be nontoxic at normal doses
  2. Support the entire body’s ability to cope with stress
  3. Help the body return to a stable state

Adapr Relax drinks have the adaptogens panax gingseng and schisandra berries (which also helps with perimenopausal symptoms) and the amino acid L-theanine which promotes relaxation.

Adapt Drinks are the only drinks which I have a monthly standing order for. I love drinking one around 5pm in the afternoon when I need to make the shift from writing work to kitchen and kids. My teenagers enjoy these drinks too and I often think that our monthly order of a box of 12 is not enough.

Buy direct here: Adapt Drinks

A much prettier photo from the Adapt Relax website
Icy and bubbly, excellent drink to chill out with


Dayse makes drinks they describe as ‘Functional Spritz’, and the company motto is ‘No Booze, All Buzz.’ These drinks contain alcohol free spirits as well as adaptogens and nootropics (substances that boost cognition, as caffeine does), such as turmeric, passionflower extract, ginseng, gingko and L-theanine.

There are two flavours:

  • EASING which has ginger and vanilla whisky flavours and aims to reduce stress and promote relaxation.
  • AWAKEN which has AF gin notes and pink grapefruit and can elevate your mood and provide energy.

Buy direct here: Dayse

Sparkling Teas: Made in Australia

East Forged Cold Brew Tea

Cold brew tea is just that, instead of being steeping in boiling water, tea is brewed in cold water for 12 hours. Made by longtime tea experts Kym Cooper and Tania Stacey, the multiple award winning East Forged drinks come in three variations:

  • Australian Green Tea and Pitaya (dragonfruit)
  • White Tea and Calamansi (a Filipino citrus)
  • Australian Black Tea and Yuzu

The cold brewed tea is lightly carbonated and infused with nitrogen. You shake the can before pouring to produce a creamy foam on top of the tea.

This cold tea is at a far remove from more commercial iced teas which tend to be very sugary indeed.

Buy direct here: East Forged

Very feminine and appealing bottles and labels

Buds & Beads Sparkling Tea

Buds & Beads sells loose leaf teas and low-sugar, alcohol free sparkling teas. There are three flavours to try:

  • Ginger Rose is a caffeine free herbal blend, gingery and uplifting.
  • Before Rain is a sparkling green tea.
  • Silver Needes is a lightly caffeinated sparkling white tea.

When I bought a selection, they arrived in the most beautiful box and packaging. These would make an excellent gift. The 200ml piccolo bottles are super cute. I did enjoy these and found myself pouring a bottle into a glass with ice and sipping them on the hot summer afternoons. These feel very luxe.

Buy direct here: Buds & Beads

Where To Buy Australian Non Alcoholic Drinks

You can buy all sorts of alcohol-free wines, beers and spirits in most bottle shops. The largest ones have the biggest range, of course. It is wise to ask one of the staff to show you what they have in store as some can be hidden away somewhat.

There are also some alcohol-free online bottle shops:

Alcofree; online store



Free Spirit Drink Co

So there you have it! If you are looking for non alcoholic drinks, Australia has plenty of home-grown options to choose from. We can save on the air miles that imported drinks produce whilst supporting our own Australian businesses. Cheers to that!

Now I’m off to try some more new alcohol-free drinks. Who knows what’s next to titillate the tastebuds, without giving me the massive, multiple hangover.


Seana xx

Looking for a great book about sobriety and alcohol free reading?

Click here to read my favourite book list for 2024.

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