A Passionfruit Pop Mocktail Recipe: Yummy + Simple To Make

I tried this fruity cocktail on a frying hot day in Orange, New South Wales in the courtyard of the most delightful Arthouse Bar and Courtyard at The Union Bank in Orange. My first thought was that I must create my own version, and here is my own Passionfruit Pop Mocktail Recipe!

Passionfruit brings that wonderful combination of tart and sweet. It has a strong flavour, balanced well with the sweeter pineapple.

I managed to recreate this drink at home – here’s the recipe.

The Passionfruit Pop Mocktail Recipe


20ml passionfruit (canned or fresh)

20ml fresh lime juice

100ml pineapple juice

120ml ginger beer

Soda water


Add all ingredients into a tall glass and stir.

Add plenty of ice.

Top with a heavy dash of soda water.

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