So How Is It Going So Far?
So many new drinks to try – hangover-free!

Well, not much drama to report, I am afraid. I do think something went CLICK in my brain in early December when I signed up for the ONYB 28-day challenge. I did that as a way to avoid alcohol over Christmas and New Year really… thought I would carefully research the support for moderation, then fairly quickly decided that it was all just daft and I should bite the bullet. Desist, give up… sounds so negative… let go… be free… sounds so much better.

Some people can easily moderate and some can’t and I am the latter.

Many people drink as much as they like and do not worry about it, others do worry and for sure I was worried about my drinking… really ever since I was 30, I have been paying attention… often this has been painful, often not over all those years.

But, like most people, I was drinking more as time went by, especially as the kids grew up a bit and freedom loomed.

Now I am totally distracting myself with the daily posting of AF drinks on my personal Facebook page. Distraction is always a top technique for behaviour change. So if taking up new things that do not go with drinking…. swimming has been so good for that.

So all quiet on the Central Western front… long may inner peace reign!

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