An Alcohol Free Old Fashioned Recipe

You’re in need of a sophisticated non-alcoholic whisky cocktail,? Of course you are! Who isn’t? You just fancy that kick, that shock to the back of the throat. So here you go, say cheers to the alcohol-free Old Fashioned.

Whisky cocktails were made in all sorts of ways during the 19th century, but the ‘old-fashioned way’ was to muddle sugar, water and bitters then pour in some whisky. The first written description of the Old Fashioned is in the 1895 book Modern American Drinks by George Cappeler.

old fashioned whisky cocktail make with Lyres American malt
The new version of the Old Fashioned, still stylish, just minus the hangover

I love this alcohol-free drink for its sweetness and simplicity. The New Old Fashioned is easy to knock up, yet feels and tastes complex. It is strong in flavour yet smooth as it goes down.

The New Old Fashioned


1 tsp sugar syrup or sugar

1 tsp water

2 dashes Angostura Bitters

60ml alcohol-free bourbon (I used Lyre’s American Malt)

If you don’t have sugar syrup just mix sugar and water with the bitters


Stir together the sugar syrup, or water and sugar, with the Angostura Bitters until all the sugar has melted.

Add in some ice then pour over the bourbon.

Mix with a spoon.

Garnish with a curl of orange peel. (Use a paring knife to cut a long strip of orange peel from a fresh orange then twist it around – it should hold its shape.)

Sip don’t slurp

Lyre’s American Malt works very well in this New Old Fashioned. It is a bourbon equivalent, with vanilla and toasted nut flavours. It is also excellent alone over ice or served with simple mixers. You can find other non-alcoholic bourbons, like Whissin which is made in Spain, or Ritual Zero Proof’s Whiskey Alternative, which is made in Chicago.

non alcoholic old fashioned whisly cocktail
Enjoy in moderation, actually, you don’t need to be moderate at all as this is a whisky cocktail which will do you no damage at all
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Cheers to sophisticated drinks that feel special because they are special, and cheers to a sober life, lived fully, our glasses are full to the brim.

Do you have a favourite spirit-based alcohol-free cocktail? I’d love to hear about it int he comments.


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