Another one of the 30 day challenge pieces of homework was to identify triggers for bad habits and look for new ways of dealing with them. Here’s what I wrote.

Triggers For Drinking

Often I am drinking when stressed… life feels overwhelming and I need an escape, to numb out so I calm down and do not care about whatever it is that I am stressing about.

A reward for my hard work….

To relieve the tedium of routine.. to rebel against housewifery, overwhelm and boredom…. that drink when cooking is all about that. It’s about knocking the edges off my daily resentment too.

What is the Reward?

The reward I want is to calm down, numb out, destress… and alcohol is SO QUICK.  Also something pleasant to taste…. a flavour treat.

Why is it just not an option for things to stay as they are?

I feel so upset, sad and stressed and also angry… and tired.  I have a great life and want to feel as great as my life genuinely is.

What could a new routine look like?

I need a more structured way to destress, like doing a meditation… or sitting in the garden for a while… or reading a book … or numbing out watching TV… need to get into the habit of that.

Need to get into the habit of noticing low level stress and being vigilant about not letting it get too bad.

Keeping the useful routine…. I can have the routine of still sitting down with a nice and interesting drink… just a non-alcoholic one…. aha, revelation!

How To Celebrate Success

  • Buy some good alcohol-free drinks, spend as much as I did on wine etc
  • A meal out with friends…
  • Buy a new cossie or some clothes
  • Go for a coffee at a nice café AS A REWARD, ie time off as a reward!!

It all sounds so simple when you put it like that!

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