Alcohol-Free Cucumber Gin & Tonic Recipe

The alcohol-free gin in this drink is made by ALTD Spirits and the name says it all. These spirits may be distilled in traditional copper stills, but their alcohol content has been altered, to zero per cent proof.

Based in Marrickville, Sydney, the ALTD Spirits microdistillery creates spirits which are not modelled on the flavours of alcoholic spirits – they have tastes unique to themselves.

In the photo here we have the Green Grocer, with its lemon, pepper and thyme flavours. The ingredients include: lemon myrtle and lemon peel, green grapefruit, Tasmanian pepperberry, native thyme, rosemary, aniseed myrtle plus sandalwood and iron bark.

This is a powerful botanical alt-gin which goes very well with Indian tonic or a cucumber tonic. Adding in plenty of cucumber and muddling the drink before adding ice gives a fresh feel to a new, old favourite.

There are two more drinks from ALTD Spirits and all their drinks are named after a type of Australian cicada.

There’s the Golden Emperor which has chocolate and orange aromas and flavours, together with wattleseed, chilli, salt and red gum bark. This spirit goes well with soda, tonic and colas.

And the Silver Princess is all berries, spice and lime, featuring strawberry gum, desert lime, honey myrtle, cinnamon myrtle, pink peppercorn and cherry wood. Drink with tonic or soda for a simple G & T alternative.

I have also enjoyed all of the ALTD Spirits neat over ice and with a citrus garnish.

Each of these spirits has cocktails created for them. Some are fairly complex for the home cocktail maker. Find these recipes on the ALTD Spirits website. As with other Australian alcohol-free spirits, you will find these spirits available in more progressive bars.

The ALTD Spirits company was founded in 2018 by former barman and marketer Tim Triggs. The company sources all its ingredients from Australia, ethically and sustainably, and nothing artificial is used.

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