5 Things I Do Not Miss About Drinking

Top 5 Things I Do Not Miss About Drinking And another: I do not miss waking up in the mornings thinking: ‘What rubbish was I talking last night.’ Because, when drinking, I have what we call in my family ‘Smith Talking Disease.’ We can rabbit on and on for hours and hours, without drawing breath, … Read more

Something Special

  So we are now midway through January and I’m on day 16 of posting an alcohol-free drink daily on my personal Facebook page. Today’s drink was this Ceder’s Wild alt-gin with tonic and lemon. Very botanical and rather exotic, made with South African herbs and Swedish water. My friend BM left a comment on … Read more

Emotional Distress + Using Alcohol

There have been many times when my head has felt as if it would explode, and I’ve hung my emotional hat on the notion that I would have a glass of wine soon and it would soothe the turmoil. Today was turbulent. The distress of yesterday’s bunny massacre, the heat, not being able to focus … Read more

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